Erosion: Works by Leonard Ursachi

Erosion: Works by Leonard Ursachi On view July 15, 2018–January 6, 2019 Introduction Emily O’Leary, Associate Curator In 2008, the Hebrew Home acquired Leonard Ursachi’s work Hiding Place, an outdoor sculpture created for the New York City Parks in 2007 that was temporarily installed in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The eight-foot-tall sculpture is formed from […]

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Brenda Zlamany: 100/100

Life is a journey. The places it takes us are unpredictable—sometimes disheartening but occasionally thrilling. Art is also a journey. The artist leads us—at least, those who pay attention—to places we have never been before, to realms of the imagination we have never encountered, and to paths toward truth we have never tried.

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Chuck Fishman: Roots, Resilience and Renewal—A Portrait of Polish Jews, 1975–2016

In 1975, the young photographer Chuck Fishman traveled to Poland to photograph what he has described “was then a dwindling remnant of a once-vibrant Jewish community on the brink of extinction.”* Returning several times between 1975 and 1983, Fishman’s images provide rare glimpses into Jewish life during a period when Jews in the West had little or no access to their Polish forebears in the post-Holocaust era.

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