Erosion: Works by Leonard Ursachi

Erosion: Works by Leonard Ursachi On view July 15, 2018–January 6, 2019 Introduction Emily O’Leary, Associate Curator In 2008, the Hebrew Home acquired Leonard Ursachi’s work Hiding Place, an outdoor sculpture created for the New York City Parks in 2007 that was temporarily installed in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The eight-foot-tall sculpture is formed from […]

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Susan Schwalb: Metalpoint Paintings

Susan Schwalb: Metalpoint Paintings features 15 paintings executed in metalpoint and colored gesso by master metalpoint artist Susan Schwalb, who has been working in the centuries-old technique since 1973. She began experimenting with silverpoint after encountering the medium unexpectedly via an artist friend. Today, she is recognized as one of the most important living artists whose work exemplifies this technique in contemporary art.

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Etching Out Dreams: Contemporary Slovak Prints by Dusan Kallay, Kamila Stanclova, and Katarina Vavrova

Etching Out Dreams: Contemporary Slovak Prints by Dušan Kállay, Kamila Štanclová, and Katarína Vavrová features three contemporary artists who share connections to Slovak master Vincent Hložník (1919–1997), whose work is represented in the Hebrew Home’s Art Collection. Hložník was an influential artist who founded the graphic design department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 1952.

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Making Continuity Contemporary: Eastern Europe in New York

An exhibition featuring work by eight artists originally from Eastern Europe, Making Continuity Contemporary: Eastern Europe in New York, addresses themes of personal history, geographical dislocation, identity, and intellectual freedom. In different ways, each artist explores both the disruptions in and continuities with their cultural backgrounds, whether through pictorial abstraction, participatory projects, auditory or written language, or conceptual reinterpretation of cultural symbols.

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Vincent Hložník: Between War and Dream

Vincent Hložník was born in 1919 in the small Slovak town of Svederník and studied drawing in secondary school. He went on to attend the School of Applied Arts in Prague in 1937. Just two years later, on March 15, 1939, German troops occupied the city. Hložník remained in Prague, and was profoundly affected by the daily atrocities that were occurring around him, including deportations, beatings and executions perpetrated by the Nazi authorities (Petránsky 116).

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